Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm still awake!

The only explanation for this is that I had a good day at the work place (now if only the next 2 will be as good!)

I do believe I did pretty good today (except dinner) and here is why...

Hubs made these:

So typically we would both eat 2...I told him to make me 1 and only 1! I should not be tempted with another 380 calorie goodness!

So, here is what I ate:
Breakfast- Weight Smart Maple/Brown Sug Oatmeal (I wish it was a good as it smelled)
Lunch- 1c of the homemade Tuna Helper from last night (even better today), Fresh Pineapple
Dinner- See Above (only ONE)
Snack- 2.5c Home popped popcorn made with 1 T. of canola oil
Water x 3 glasses (I need to drink more) and 1 Pink Lemonade (5 calories)

Lunch it packed and ready for tomorrow! Nighty Night!

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