Thursday, June 30, 2011

Preteen Pool Party??

Last Friday I let Kira have a pool party at my parent's house and then a bon fire at our house. Kira has 3 close friends...2 of them happen to be BOYS! I don't have a problem with this. I was always closer to boys...wait...maybe I should have a problem with this!

Anyways, I picked them up at 11:45AM and took them home at 10:30PM! Yowza, that is a loooong time with preteens!

While sitting out by the bonfire I was playing a little Backstreet Boys on Pandora and stupidly said that they should have a Back to School Dance Party. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! I guess I wanted to relive my 5-6th grade years. This resulted in 4 excited preteens. Score for Momma B AGAIN, but really...what was I thinking?

(All joking aside, the kids were all really good...except they ate...A LOT)

I Resisted!

Yippee!! I didn't eat any of those bad boys!! Please note that those are not a picture of my yummy, marshmellowy goodness...Mine had to be eaten with a spoon, but not by ME! All this excitedness is just a step in 1 direction and in reality I am not all that excited. If I can't turn down a Rice Crispy treat then I have more problems to deal with. The sweet, preteen child did like my crispy falling apart sweet treats though. Score one for Momma B!

What I ate today:
Breakfast- 1c Fiber One Raisin Cereal with lowfat milk
Lunch- 1c Baby Carrots, 1/4c Almonds, 1 Lite Baby Bell Cheese
Dinner- 2c Homemade Tuna Helper made with whole wheat noodles, FF mushroom soup, a little cheese, and cracker topping.

I would like to say that I went swimming, but my swimming consisted of floating around on a float reading my book for 2 hours and swatting away bugs. What can I say?

I work for the next 3 days which means the Hubs is in charge of cooking...PORTIONS PORTIONS PORTIONS! I will take my lunch every day though. I may not post what I ate until Sunday night because once I get off work and shower, I hit the sack!

I did it!

I didn't eat any of those stinkin' rice crispie treats (but it is only 11:30AM!)

What I am actually talking about it that I spruced up my blog...I must say blogger is slightly hard to work with.

I like far!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AHA Moment, WTF moment, OMG moment...whatever you want to call it...

So this blog may take another direction...As I was making rice crispie treats for the very first time sans child...I realize "what the f*ck am I doing?" Do I look like I need a rice cripie treat? Most that knew me in high school knew that I was stick skinny. My prom dress when I was a Junior was a 4 and Senior a 6. But the fact was I was super athletic and not taking in as many calories as I was burning off UNLESS I was on a binge (no, I never purged)

Since my Senior year, the weight just keep creeping on and on and on. I have spent hundreds in gym memberships (and usually only went once every couple months), I have done weight watchers twice and cheated...twice, low carb (lost 30 gained 40), prescription diet pills (worked well but are so unhealthy!), tried to become a runner (but quit that too.)

So, what is next? I'm not sure where to go from here. I need to lose eh...50 pounds? That would make me "healthy." I am 25 years old...I don't like wearing the sz I wear (one day I may state my weight and sizes but not today.) I should be prancing around in a 2 piece instead of a tankini (a stylish one at that, but whatever.)

So, I had my AHA, WTF, OMG, OH SHIT the question is...where do I go from here? I need to be held accountable.

I know what my problems with food are...portion control, bored eating, eat what my family eats. Lucky for me I love healthy food and I know what I should and shouldn't eat, but I just need to say "no." Plus...I need to exercise. I refuse to pay for a gym because we are trying to save money to do a house update. I can walk and run either outside or at our church...

So starting right now, this blog is going to turn into my food diary to hold ME accountable for my actions. I need to stick to it to be a healthier, happy ME.

So today I had:
Breakfast-Fiber One Raisin Cereal with 1% milk...but I had 2 bowels :(
Lunch-Queso and Chips
Dinner- Fried Chicken (breast & wing), Potato Wedges, 2 ears of corn on the cob
2 Diet Dr. Peppers, a glass of pink lemonade, a glass of Pinot, and 2 bottles of water

So...that sucked, and I know it. Better luck tomorrow. So the next thought it...I should probably throw out those rice crispie treats

So WHAT Wednesday...

I have been reading some other blogs lately and trying to get some ideas for our blog. I have seen Wordless Wednesday where just a picture is posted, buuut I haven't been taking too many pictures these days. To be honest, Momma needs a new camera! The one we have not so great quality these days. So, I've decided that I will do "so WHAT Wednesday." I am just going to post random facts, quirks, etc about myself and family. Take it for what it is...I'm sure someone out there can have a good laugh with it!

-if on most nights I say good night to my family at 8pm so that I can go to sleep...a working woman, in a high stress job needs her sleep!
-if I love my dog like he is my child
-if I think I am entitled to a cleaning lady because I grew up with one, and quite frankly I HATE cleaning. Now I just need to find one that I trust, and that I can afford
-if I only have to work 3 days a week...YOU try to keep 4-5 patients alive who think they are at a 5 star hotel, all while providing good quality care AND being compassionate AND caring...and get close to a patient and their family just to find out that you are pronoucing their time on death right before you get off work. Being a nurse is hard, emotional work
-if on at least 2-3 of my off days I stay in my PJ's, catch up on my DVR shows, and read blogs until 30 minutes before my family gets home (sorry honey!)
-if I suggested letting Kira have a party before school starts because I kinda/sorta/maybe want to relive my Middle School Days...but now I am having a "what was I thinking moment?!?!"
-if my single friends call Wednesdays "Wine Down Wednesday" and Thursdays "Thirsty Thursdays"...for me Wednesday is 1/2 way through the week where you make sure dinner is on the table, homework is done, the child in showered, and in bed by 9:30 and Thursdays is just the day before Friday and you just repeat what you did on Wednesday, but you try to spend a little time with your husband before you fall sound asleep because your exhausted. I LOVE my single friends to death, but we just aren't living the same life sometimes

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Less Than a Month...

and we will be HERE! We are so ready for vacation. I need a break from work, housework, and Indiana.

Also, on that note I have been obsessed with reading different blogs...and I am going to be better at blogging!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Low Key Summer??????

We are TRYING to lay low this summer...the key word...TRYING! Kira's summer is typically packed full of activities, but she only wanted to participate in acting camp at Hayswood Theater. She found out yesterday that she got the lead role! This is her 1st lead role out of the 7 plays that she has done at Hayswood. She is going to be Jasmine in Alladin. Since our poor child is not athletic, and have to put a little competition into the acting!

Kira getting ready to go visit her cousin that will be in Terre Haute from Georgia this weekend...she is quite the baby guru lately.

Next on the list is a trip to DC when her Aunt Stephanie at the end of June (probably-working on details)

Ryan and I talked and think we are going to put her in the Safe Sitter class at Floyd Memorial. We think it will be good for her if she wants to start babysitting soon. Plus she will become certified in infant CPR and choking. It is only a 1 day class, so it won't take up much time.

At the end of July we are going on vacation with my parents to Gulf Shores...

And will start...

Doesn't sound to low key LOL

Summer Break

Summer has officially began! Kira graduated from the 5th Grade and even received the President's Award! She was 1 of 4 children that got the award. She had to have greater than a 3.7 GPA, and had to excel on the ISTEP. We are thinking maybe one day she will be giving a speech at her high graduation...

The bottom picture is Kira and her 5th grade teacher. She was by far one of Kira's favorite teachers while at North Harrison Elementary.

Kira toured the Middle School and was not impressed LOL. It will be interesting once August comes around. She said the school was stinky, and she didn't like the Morgan kids...YIKES!