Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Cleanin'

Yesterday, I decided to devote the day to cleaning. Boy did I clean! After I took Kira to school, I came back and cleaned from 8a-1p. Needless to say, our rooms and bathroom are SPOTLESS! It felt good to get that finished. When I picked Kira up from school, she took one look at her room and said it looked like a room in a magazine. My very organized boyfriend, was very happy about my progress!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Show Off Night

Here are some of the Highlights at Show Off Night!

And The Winner IS...?


Tonight was show off night at North Harrison Elementary. Kira won first place in the 3rd grade science fair. I think I was just as excited as she was! Ryan and I had a great time looking around at all of the stuff that she has done this year. Kira's Nana from Terre Haute came, and so did Kira's Mamaw and Papaw. We had a great time!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Science Fair

For the past couple of weeks, Kira and I have been working on her Science Fair Project. Last night we put the finishing touches on it, and I took it to school today. We are hoping to atleast get 3rd place.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quotes From Kira

She says some of the funniest things sometimes...

We always ask her what she wants to be with she grows up. One day we were in the car on our way to Corydon and out of know where she asks:
Kira: Brookie, why can't you and Daddy have cooler jobs? Working at Dairy Queen would be way more important and cooler.

Ryan, Kira, I were going into Meijer and we talk her that since she had been really good we would get her something so she says:
Kira: You all are the best parents ever!
Us: Really?
Kira to Ryan: Daddy can't you just give her an engagement ring already?!?

We were working on her science fair project and she says:
Kira: I hope Daddy keeps you as a girlfriend for a long time, because you come up with the coolest science fair projects!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter 2009

I am not going to try and go back and remember the last 2 years, so I will just start at the present.

Easter was just 2 weeks ago. This year Ryan and I chose to go to our own families rather than try to shove so much in! We went to our church as a family then I went to my Grandma and Grandpa Armstrongs, and he went to Papaw Jakes. Ryan and I exchanged cards, and of course the Easter bunny came to see Kira. I think she ended up getting 5 or 6 baskets this year. We can tell that she is really starting to grow up. Instead of her usual multiple egg hunting with her Aunt Stephanie, she only wanted to go to one.

After everything was over Kira and I went to see the Hannah Montana movie in Corydon. I must say...I loved it! That is one of the things that Kira and I love to do together. I don't think that we have seen a terrible movie yet.

Ooooh...So, I decided to set this up just so that we can document moments in our lives. I am not sure if anyone will read it, or even want to.

I am Brooke Redden. I am 23 years old, and have lived in Harrison Co my whole life. Little did I know that I would meet someone 8 years my senior, who has also lived here. Ryan Hanger is 31, and has a little girl, Kira, from a previous marriage. Kira is 8, almost 9. Ryan and I met on September 22, 2007 at Casey and Jerry Hanger's wedding. We got to know each other through Myspace, and finally met in person on November 22, 2007. Ever since that day, we have been together.