Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America! (a day late)

We had a nice relaxing day...sent the child to her biological mother's :( for a few days and then went to my parent's for dinner.

I made my nephew cry at dinner because he wouldn't eat his dinner, so he couldn't have watermelon and I ate the watermelon in front of him. Oops! Gotta learn somehow (him, not me)! Buuut I made up for it by taking him outside to play with Bruce the Cat. Score for Aunt B (thats ME!)

Here is the child dressed for the 4th. Then I channelled my inner Pretty Nails employee and did her toes! Love having a girl!

What I Ate...on a HOLIDAY (YIKES!)
Brunch- 3 pieces of homemade french toast (made with 1 egg, skim milk, spices, & vanilla), 5 pieces of bacon, 1 glass of skim chocolate milk
Lunch- NOTHING (see what I ate above)
Appetizer- crab/shrimp dip with baked chips that Momma made, 8 peel and eat shrimp
Dinner- grilled lean hamburger with blue cheese/bacon/mushrooms/onions (only ate 1/2, gave the rest to hubs!), roasted potatoes, roasted veggies
Dessert- low fat homemade cherry delite, and the infamous making child cry watermelon
5 glasses of Pinot (with a headache today)

Not to great of the day for eating...fail for July 4th

BUT I did manage to get a pretty good pic with the Hubs

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