Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kira's Trip To Her Nana's

So, Kira emailed her Nana (Vicki) asking if she could come and spend the weekend with her. Kira and a busy busy girl over the summer, so it worked out that she would go the 1st weekend after school got out. Apparently they did all kinds of things, that she has not done in quite some time. After having to go to the eye doctor with her Papaw Jeff...I am pretty sure she had a BLAST. Papaw Jeff did make up for it by getting an ice cream cake from DQ! Ryan and I love seeing her having a good time doing the "simple" things. It won't be long before she will be jumping in her car heading off with friends. I know the times like these are cherished by every family member. Kira is already planning her next trip...

Thanks for the great photos Vicki!

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  1. Simple things are good! Glad she had a great time!