Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Night in Harrison Co

Tonight we were planning on going to play some BINGO, but we found out that you have to be 21. I asked Kira if she had her fake ID ready, but she didn't :). So, we went to see Up at the theater. It was really really good. Slightly on the sad side.

Speaking of sad...I miss my best friend, Jennifer. I am in a grouchy mood tonight, so I opened a bottle of wine and it made me miss her. Wining is a favorite past time of ours. It sucks having your best friend live so far away. I wish we lived minutes apart like we did in Vincennes. There is going to have to be a visit SOON.
This picture is from an amazing night in VI..."A beach in VINCENNES?!?!"

Tomorrow Ryan, Kira, and I are going fishing. The ONLY person that I have ever fished with is my Poppa. Poppa knows that I don't touch the bait or the fish. Hopefully Ryan can live up to those expectations!

I also need to give a special shout out to my brother, Greg--HAPPY 31st Birthday Brother!

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