Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So WHAT Wednesday...

I have been reading some other blogs lately and trying to get some ideas for our blog. I have seen Wordless Wednesday where just a picture is posted, buuut I haven't been taking too many pictures these days. To be honest, Momma needs a new camera! The one we have not so great quality these days. So, I've decided that I will do "so WHAT Wednesday." I am just going to post random facts, quirks, etc about myself and family. Take it for what it is...I'm sure someone out there can have a good laugh with it!

-if on most nights I say good night to my family at 8pm so that I can go to sleep...a working woman, in a high stress job needs her sleep!
-if I love my dog like he is my child
-if I think I am entitled to a cleaning lady because I grew up with one, and quite frankly I HATE cleaning. Now I just need to find one that I trust, and that I can afford
-if I only have to work 3 days a week...YOU try to keep 4-5 patients alive who think they are at a 5 star hotel, all while providing good quality care AND being compassionate AND caring...and get close to a patient and their family just to find out that you are pronoucing their time on death right before you get off work. Being a nurse is hard, emotional work
-if on at least 2-3 of my off days I stay in my PJ's, catch up on my DVR shows, and read blogs until 30 minutes before my family gets home (sorry honey!)
-if I suggested letting Kira have a party before school starts because I kinda/sorta/maybe want to relive my Middle School Days...but now I am having a "what was I thinking moment?!?!"
-if my single friends call Wednesdays "Wine Down Wednesday" and Thursdays "Thirsty Thursdays"...for me Wednesday is 1/2 way through the week where you make sure dinner is on the table, homework is done, the child in showered, and in bed by 9:30 and Thursdays is just the day before Friday and you just repeat what you did on Wednesday, but you try to spend a little time with your husband before you fall sound asleep because your exhausted. I LOVE my single friends to death, but we just aren't living the same life sometimes

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