Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AHA Moment, WTF moment, OMG moment...whatever you want to call it...

So this blog may take another direction...As I was making rice crispie treats for the very first time sans child...I realize "what the f*ck am I doing?" Do I look like I need a rice cripie treat? Most that knew me in high school knew that I was stick skinny. My prom dress when I was a Junior was a 4 and Senior a 6. But the fact was I was super athletic and not taking in as many calories as I was burning off UNLESS I was on a binge (no, I never purged)

Since my Senior year, the weight just keep creeping on and on and on. I have spent hundreds in gym memberships (and usually only went once every couple months), I have done weight watchers twice and cheated...twice, low carb (lost 30 gained 40), prescription diet pills (worked well but are so unhealthy!), tried to become a runner (but quit that too.)

So, what is next? I'm not sure where to go from here. I need to lose eh...50 pounds? That would make me "healthy." I am 25 years old...I don't like wearing the sz I wear (one day I may state my weight and sizes but not today.) I should be prancing around in a 2 piece instead of a tankini (a stylish one at that, but whatever.)

So, I had my AHA, WTF, OMG, OH SHIT the question is...where do I go from here? I need to be held accountable.

I know what my problems with food are...portion control, bored eating, eat what my family eats. Lucky for me I love healthy food and I know what I should and shouldn't eat, but I just need to say "no." Plus...I need to exercise. I refuse to pay for a gym because we are trying to save money to do a house update. I can walk and run either outside or at our church...

So starting right now, this blog is going to turn into my food diary to hold ME accountable for my actions. I need to stick to it to be a healthier, happy ME.

So today I had:
Breakfast-Fiber One Raisin Cereal with 1% milk...but I had 2 bowels :(
Lunch-Queso and Chips
Dinner- Fried Chicken (breast & wing), Potato Wedges, 2 ears of corn on the cob
2 Diet Dr. Peppers, a glass of pink lemonade, a glass of Pinot, and 2 bottles of water

So...that sucked, and I know it. Better luck tomorrow. So the next thought it...I should probably throw out those rice crispie treats

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  1. You do not even want to see my food journal right now! This is my third pregnancy and I know what I should eat, but honestly those Little Debbie NutterButters are so much better than veggies at this point!! Problem is I am eating both plus extras...... and the scales are yelling at me every appointment!!!. I've been telling myself I am going to start a food journal to help me eat better for the remainder of this inspired me to really do it!!!! Good luck and thanks!!!

    Mary Kerber