Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Resisted!

Yippee!! I didn't eat any of those bad boys!! Please note that those are not a picture of my yummy, marshmellowy goodness...Mine had to be eaten with a spoon, but not by ME! All this excitedness is just a step in 1 direction and in reality I am not all that excited. If I can't turn down a Rice Crispy treat then I have more problems to deal with. The sweet, preteen child did like my crispy falling apart sweet treats though. Score one for Momma B!

What I ate today:
Breakfast- 1c Fiber One Raisin Cereal with lowfat milk
Lunch- 1c Baby Carrots, 1/4c Almonds, 1 Lite Baby Bell Cheese
Dinner- 2c Homemade Tuna Helper made with whole wheat noodles, FF mushroom soup, a little cheese, and cracker topping.

I would like to say that I went swimming, but my swimming consisted of floating around on a float reading my book for 2 hours and swatting away bugs. What can I say?

I work for the next 3 days which means the Hubs is in charge of cooking...PORTIONS PORTIONS PORTIONS! I will take my lunch every day though. I may not post what I ate until Sunday night because once I get off work and shower, I hit the sack!

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