Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I wanted to send out a special thanks to everyone that gave money to Kira for Kosair Children's Hospital. Looks like she had raised the most money out of the whole school! She raised $661! This is the third time that she has raised the most money. She is 3 for 3! She really wanted to get the hospital as much money as she could. She wanted to give her allowence, but Ryan and I gave her the money instead. Last year her 2nd grade teacher did not participate in the fund raiser, and Kira was really upset. Kira is really good about wanting to give to people/places that need it. We are proud of her.

Tomorrow the school is going on a feild trip to Kosair to deliver the money. Kira will get to give the check to the hospital since she raised the most. Ryan and I wish that we could be there to see it, but I have nursing orientation at school tomorrow and Ryan cannot take another vacation day. She understands though. Anyways, I just wanted to brag on our little one! Good night!

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