Sunday, May 17, 2009

BUSY Weekend!

Ryan, Kira, and I had a pretty busy weekend. Friday was our big yard sale. Ryan and I woke up at 5 AM to get things started. We did very very well. We sold almost everything. The stuff that we didn't sell is going to community services. Saturday, we continued our yard sale...we didn't do AS well, plus it rained!

Also on Saturday was Kira's piano recital. She did so well! She has been practicing for a really long time, and her hard work really paid off. She had a large audience...Ryan, her Mamaw, Papaw, Papaw Jake, her Nana, Wyatt, Brilla, Shelly, and myself. Afterwards Kira went with her Nana to Kintner House. Ryan, Lou Ann, Steve, Papaw Jake, and I all went o Texas Roadhouse. We had a great dinner, and great company! Afterwards Ryan and I just drove around, and sat outside. It is fun to just sit back and talk with each other. Sunday Ryan and I slept in, and then he did yard work and I went shopping! Kira and her Nana went to the movies, painted pottery, and played putt putt! She was so worn out that she crashed in bed.

We have an even busier weeks ahead...This week I have school stuff, nursing orientation at the hospital, plus the everyday things. Ryan has golf lessons (I'm hoping for the next Tiger Woods!), Kira has 2 field trips, plus we are preparing for Kira's birthday on the 25th. I better sleep while I can! Good Night

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