Friday, July 24, 2009

Back To School Time?!?!

Can it really be THAT close? Last week I realized that we needed to get Kira a new backpack. I finally ordered one yesterday. I let her pick from Old Navy, Children's Place, and The Gap. She chose a teal messenger bag with owls on it...I know I know...Owls??? What can I say...she gets it from her Dad. Ryan and I also picked up the basic school supplies, but are taking her back to pick out the fun notebooks and folders. Since little miss has decided to grow a TON, I went ahead and got her 3 new pairs on jeans...and let me just throw in the amazing deal that I got. One of the pairs was on clearance for $2.99!!! The NEVER happens! I think that she is getting excited about going back to school soon!

**If anyone knows where I can find children's Converse Chuck Taylors for a GOOD deal PLLLLEASE let me know! Those are the only shoes that Kira likes to wear at school, and she decided that she needs a brown pair, black pair, lime green pair, and a fun printed pair!

UPDATE: I took Kira to the doctor to day to find out why she sounded like a 3 pack a day smoker. She has some slight lower lobe pneumonia (Dr. says its nothing to be to concerned about) so she started her on a z-pack, but the GOOD news is...KIRA NOW WEIGHS 65 POUNDS! She has been so small for so long. Dr. Talley said that she is in the right height and weight range. GO KIRA!

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